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Maria Clare.png
Maria Michalek Clare recalls returning to SHA as a teacher.

SHA made Vermonica James confident and a feminist.

1961-Student Government Pat Smyton.jpg
Pat Marino Smyton explains how SHA instilled confidence in her.

Maureen Forrester Finney 1987.jpg
Maureen Forrester Finney describes how SHA laid a foundation for her academic and personal achievement.

Jenna Wegrzyn 2009.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn discusses how SHA gave her confidence.

Ann Smits Wegrzyn.png
Ann Wegrzyn talks about the strong foundation that SHA gave her.

1961-election Kennedy Nixon debates.jpg
Pat Marino Smyton remembers the Nixon Kennedy debates.

faculty 2003 3.jpg
Kate Belliotti recalls how SHA teachers just believed in you.

Nancy Brady.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn recalls one of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Brady.

1978-Mara Walton.jpg
Sister Mara Walton has been a guiding force for Barb Waclawek

80s-Mary Anne Cheney alumni scholarship.mp3
Mary Ann Wurstner Cheney recalls receiving the Alumnae Scholarship to attend SHA.

Sr. Nancy Fortkort remembers Sr. Theophane.

40s-MKStahl Theophane Latin.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl recalls Latin class with Sr. Theophane.

40s-MK Stahl Theophane Posture.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl also remembers etiquette class with Sr. Theophane.

40s-MK Stahl Theophane Helped New Nuns.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl remembers Sr. Theophane and her help with the new Sisters.

Sr. Maura Fortkort remembers etiquette class with Sr. Theophane.

40s-KAllen Theophane.mp3
Sr. Karen Allen remembers Sr. Theophane.

Sr. Maria Pares believes SHA has one of the best P.E. programs.

Maria Clare.png
Maria Michalek Clare remembers the reason for coming back to SHA.

80s-Sr Connie First Impressions.mp3
Sr. Connie Marlowe relates her first impressions of SHA.

70s-KAllen Decision to Be Principal.mp3
Sr. Karen Allen discusses a dream she had which convinced her to take the position.

B Waclawek Sr mara.mp3
Barbara Waclawek remembers science class with Sr. Mara.

B Waclawek Sr Mara 1 .mp3
Barbara Waclawek speaks fondly of Sr. Mara.

B Horgan Academic rigor.mp3
Betty Barczak Horrigan notes the academic rigor at SHA.

80s-Janis Cheney teachers cared about students.mp3
Janice Cheney remembers how all the teachers at SHA cared about the students.

80s-Janis Cheney Home Ec Shoes.mp3
Janice Cheney remembers her Home Ec class.

Sr. Nancy Fortkort remembers classes with Sr. Judith and Sr. Paula.

50s-LBadding Sister Clarice.mp3
Sr. Lois Badding remembers Sr. Clarice allowing students to work on their art projects during lunch.

50s-K McCarthy Typical Day.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy recounts a typical day at SHA.

50s-K McCarthy Going on to Higher Ed.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy notes how more and more girls go on to receive a higher education after attending SHA.

50s-K McCarthy Favorite Teachers Corinne Loretta Urban.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy remembers some of her favorite teachers at SHA.

Sr. Nancy Fortkort remembers Sr. Bonaventure and Sr. Emmanuel teaching the arts.

40s-MKStahl Paula Fox.wav
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl remembers Sr. Paula.

40s-MK Stahl Sr Paula Fox.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl fondly remembers Sr. Paula.

40s-MFortkort Sister Paula.wav
Sr. Maura Fortkort remembers idolizing Sr. Paula.

40s-MFortkort Sister Emmanuel .wav
Sr. Maura Fortkort remembers piano lessons with Sr. Emmanuel.

40s-C Tronolone Sr Georgia.mp3
Sr. Catherine Tronolone remembers class with Sr. Georgia.

40s-B Waclawek and Theophane beef .mp3
Betty Kempkes Waclawek shares her memory of Sr. Theophane

40s-A Schubert Sr Georgia Fainted.mp3
Sr. Agnes Schubert remembers class with Sr. Georgia.

Sr. Maura Fortkort appreciates the opportunities SHA gave her.

40s-CTronolone Scholarship.mp3
Sr. Catherine Tronolone discusses receiving a scholarship to go to Sacred Heart.
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