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1980-Maria school pic.jpg
Sr. Maria Pares talks about how she thinks alumni embellish how strict she was in gym

Maria Clare.png
Maria Michalek Clare recalls returning to SHA as a teacher.

1980-maria coaching.jpg
Sr. Maria Pares recalls being honored for advancing women's sports

Sr Maria Pares remembers the first Diocesan track meet that SHA participated in

Barb Waclawek recalls her days playing varsity badminton

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek tells the story of a teammate who could read lips

Barb Rooney recalls being cut from the basketball team by Sr Maria -- and how that was the right choice!

Barb Staebell Rooney.png
Barb Rooney recalls the gym uniforms in the 1970s

1964-CSMC basketball game.jpg
Betty Horrigan marvels at women's sports in the 1960s and today

Pat Marino Smyton 1961.jpg
Pat Smyton recalls service projects SHA students did in the 1960s

1964-sodality 2.jpg
Pat Smyton recalls religious life at SHA in the 1960s

2005-barbara ochterski.jpg
Barb Otcherski talks about the advent of Day of Sharing

Maureen Forrester Finney talks about the service projects she worked on as a student

Maeve recalls her first Day of Sharing

Kayla Burt describes learning to do service

Jeanette Piscitello explains what Franciscan values mean to her

2003-christmas dance.jpg
The Belliotti sisters recall how the girls in their classes used to just shared dresses

The Belliotti sisters recall singing songs in Mass.

Betty Horrigan.jpg
Betty Barczak Horrigan recalls the death of JFK and how social justice was a part of life at SHA.

2003-franciscan scholars.jpg
Agnes Santiano conveys what Franciscan values are to her.

For Vermonica James, SHA was home.

SHA made Vermonica James confident and a feminist.

Timms tuition assistance run in .mp3
Courtney Timms recalls a funny run-in with a teacher afterschool

Timms Sacred Heart is family.mp3
For Courtney Timms, Sacred Heart is family.

1995-courtney after junior ring ceremy.jpg
SHA is a great place - Courtney Timms

Courtney Timms 1996.jpg
Courtney Timms realizes just how deeply involved students' families are in SHA life.

2003-amnesty international sarah belliotti.jpg
Sarah Belliotti explains how, in an all-girls uniformed setting, you didn't have to worry about keeping up appearances

1961-Student Government Pat Smyton.jpg
Pat Marino Smyton explains how SHA instilled confidence in her.

Maureen Forrester Finney 1987.jpg
Maureen Forrester Finney describes how SHA laid a foundation for her academic and personal achievement.

1984-Maureen freshwoman.jpg
Maureen Forrester Finney recalls her first impressions of SHA

SHA is home. Interview with Maria Clare, 2016.

Maria Clare first impressions.mp3
Maria Clare recalls her first impressions of SHA

Maria Clare Everyone is welcome.mp3
Maria Michalek Clare, alumna and current faculty, explains that SHA is a place where everyone is welcome.

2016 (1).jpeg
Maeve Finney recalls her first impressions of SHA

2005-barbara ochterski.jpg
Barb Otcherski understands the honor of being an alumna.

Like many, SHA was home for Kayla Burt

2003-class picture-1.jpg
Kate Belliotti feels that SHA will always be in her heart

Jenna Wegrzyn 2009.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn recalls how she chose SHA

Agnes Santiano remembers graduation, a special occasion

2007-jenna at prom.jpg
Jenna Wegzryn tells us how SHA helps "you be you"

Jenna Wegrzyn 2009.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn discusses how SHA gave her confidence.

Maeve & Maureen.jpg
Maureen Finney shares the story of how she surprised her daughter Maeve with her SHA acceptance letter

Bellioti Sisters why sacred heart .mp3
The Belliotti sisters, Kate and Sarah, reminisce on why they chose SHA

Ann Smits Wegrzyn.png
Ann Wegrzyn talks about the strong foundation that SHA gave her.

A Wegrzyn getting used to scared heart.mp3
Ann Wegrzyn recalls the transition to private Catholic girls school

Agnes Schubert.png
Sr. Agnes Schubert recalls playing on the front lawn, and the cold storage cave in the backyard of SHA -- when she first started attending school there in 1931 as a primary school student.

Barb Staebell junios.jpg
For Barb Rooney, SHA is part of her family's legacy.

Barb O.jpg
Barb Ochterski recalls her time at SHA as formative for her as a girl.

1961-Betty Barczaks sister Susie debating as a sufragette.jpg
Betty Horrigan recalls the impact SHA had on her as a woman.

Betty Horrigan.jpg
Betty Horrigan's first impressions of SHA

B Horgan Commute from city.mp3
Betty Horrigan made some of her best friends on the commute from the city

Agnes choosing sacred heart.mp3
Agnes Santiano explains why she chose SHA

Agnes Santiano explains what SHA means to her.

Ann Meisner.png
Ann Sawyer explains what SHA means to her.

Vermonica Diversity club.mp3
Vermonica James talks about Diversity Club

2007-student council.jpg
Courtney Timms recalls the most important role of the Student Council: refilling the pop machine!

golf 2003.jpg
Sr. Maria recalls starting the golf program at SHA

1961-Student Government Pat Smyton.jpg
Pat Smyton remembers serving on Student Council in the early 1960s

Maureen F Latin club fudge sales.mp3
Maureen Forrester Finney remembers derailing class with discussions of fudge sales

Jenna Wegrzyn 2009.jpg
Jenna and Ann Wegrzyn remember that seniors were allowed to leave campus during free periods

Vermonica James remembers attending the post Prom party, and not Prom!

1995-courtney after junior ring ceremy.jpg
Courtney Timms remembers razzing her fellow athletes

1980-maria coaching.jpg
Sr. Maria took athletes to Notre Dame to watch college games

1978-Maria Pares.jpg
Sr. Maria remembers when students pranked her!

Sarah Belliotti remembers being told to "leave room for the Holy Spirit"

P Smyton Dancing in the Gym.mp3
Pat Smyton remembers dancing in the gym

P Smyton Bike Hike.mp3
Pat Smyton remembers biking around Buffalo with girlfriends from SHA.

Kayla Burt recalls the Senior Stampede of 2013

Maureen Forrester Finney remembers her prom in the 1980s

Jenna Wegrzyn remembers proms at the end of the 2000s

2006-euro 4.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn recalls traversing Europe on a school trip

J Wegrzyn almost trouble on elevator.mp3
Jenna Wegrzyn remembers once almost getting in trouble...

Jeannette Piscitello.jpg
Jeanette Piscitello recalls being in the school after dark - and though they felt alone, they never really were!

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek remembers a prank involving a prank and the library shades

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek remembers being a bit of a trouble maker

Barb Staebell Rooney.png
Barb Rooney recalls the times Sister Mara took students on a cross country trip - in a school bus!

Betty Horrigan remembers dances and proms in the 1960s

When B Day became Beyonce Day - Agnes Santiano

Ann Meisner.png
Remember The Shoe? Ann Meissner Sawyer on the school car.

1980-Maria school pic.jpg
Ann Meissner Sawyer remembers Sr. Maria chasing streaking boys around the school

Ann Meissner Sawyer recalls senior pranks in the 1980s

1958-HMS pinnafore 2.jpg
Sr. Maria Pares remembers being a sailor in the production of H.M.S. Pinnafore

1964-theater 1.jpg
Pat Smyton recalls the Operettas of the early 1960s

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.52.30 PM.png
Agnes Santiano reminisces on the college boys who were in SHA's production of High School Musical

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.53.35 PM.png
Courtney Timms remembers a favorite teacher

Pat Smyton remembers Sister Corinne as principal

1961-election Kennedy Nixon debates.jpg
Pat Marino Smyton remembers the Nixon Kennedy debates.

Barb Ochterski recalls her first days as principal, when Sister Corinne came to visit -- and Sister Corinne had been principal when she was a student!

Barb Ochterski remembers some of her favorite teachers when she was a student

Maureen Forrester Finney remembers when Sr Mara was principal.

faculty 2003 3.jpg
Kate Belliotti recalls how SHA teachers just believed in you.

Nancy Brady.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn recalls one of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Brady.

J Piscatello strict but kind.mp3
Jeanette Piscitello recalls that teachers at SHA were always strict, but also kind.

Jeanette Piscitello recalls Sister Marcyann as a teacher

facult 1995 1.jpg
Courtney Timms recalls some of her favorite teachers.

faculty 2003 1.jpg
The Belliotti sisters had too many favorite teachers!

1978-Mara Walton.jpg
Sister Mara Walton has been a guiding force for Barb Waclawek

Ann Smits Wegrzyn.png
Ann Wegrzyn had too many favorite teachers.

1961-world history class.jpg
Betty Horrigan recalls the level of academic standard in the 1960s.

miss Maloney 1984.jpg
Ann Meissner Sawyer remembers that Eileen Maloney came to teach English.
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