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Agnes Schubert.png
Sr. Agnes Schubert recalls playing on the front lawn, and the cold storage cave in the backyard of SHA -- when she first started attending school there in 1931 as a primary school student.

Jeannette Piscitello.jpg
Jeanette Piscitello recalls being in the school after dark - and though they felt alone, they never really were!

Vermonica senior nooks.mp3
Vermonica James remembers spending time in the senior nooks.

Timms little gym.mp3
Courtney Timms remembers spending countless hours in the old gym.

Kayla new gym.mp3
Kayla Burt shares how SHA decided to build a new gym once she graduated.

J Piscatello building changes need stay the same.mp3
Jeanette Piscitello notes that the building changes, but the needs remain the same.

Agnes the booth .mp3
Agnes Santiano describes the sound booth above the auditorium.

Agnes library.mp3
Agnes Santiano describes the library.

00s-KAllen New Gym.mp3
Sr. Karen Allen talks about the new gym.

Sr. Mara Open Porch now bridge.mp3
Sr. Mara recalls how an old porch area is now where the bridge entrance currently is located.

Sr Mara Stained Glass Outside Chapel.mp3
Sr. Mara talks about the stained glass located outside of the chapel.

Sr Mara Music Rehearsal Rooms.mp3
Sr. Mara discusses the music rehearsal rooms.

Sr Mara Main Office Sisters Parlors.mp3
Sr. Mara discusses the old use for the main office of the school.

Sr Mara Elevator.mp3
Sr. Mara talks about the elevator located in the school.

Sr Mara Convent Priests Dining Room.mp3
Sr. Mara discusses the dining room in the convent only used by priests.

Sr Mara Convent Before Reno.mp3
Sr. Mara recalls what the convent used to be like before renovations were made to turn it into classrooms.

Sr Mara Business Wing.mp3
Sr. Mara discusses the old business wing and how its changed.

Sr Mara Backdrop of Chapel Altar.mp3
Sr. Mara talks about the backdrop behind the altar in the chapel.

Sr Mara Back of School Root Cellar .mp3
Sr. Mara discusses the root cellar located near the back of the school.

1940s-K McCarthy Library Assistant.wav
Kathleen McCarthy remembers a punishment given by the Latin teacher/ Librarian.

40s-M Fortkort History of the School.wav
Sr. Maura Fortkort recalls the history of Sacred Heart Academy.

40s-A Schubert New School.mp3
Sr. Agnes Schubert discusses going to SHA in the 1930's.
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