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1980-Maria school pic.jpg
Sr. Maria Pares talks about how she thinks alumni embellish how strict she was in gym

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek tells the story of a teammate who could read lips

2003-christmas dance.jpg
The Belliotti sisters recall how the girls in their classes used to just shared dresses

Courtney Timms 1996.jpg
Courtney Timms realizes just how deeply involved students' families are in SHA life.

Maeve & Maureen.jpg
Maureen Finney shares the story of how she surprised her daughter Maeve with her SHA acceptance letter

B Horgan Commute from city.mp3
Betty Horrigan made some of her best friends on the commute from the city

Jenna Wegrzyn 2009.jpg
Jenna and Ann Wegrzyn remember that seniors were allowed to leave campus during free periods

Vermonica James remembers attending the post Prom party, and not Prom!

1995-courtney after junior ring ceremy.jpg
Courtney Timms remembers razzing her fellow athletes

1978-Maria Pares.jpg
Sr. Maria remembers when students pranked her!

Sarah Belliotti remembers being told to "leave room for the Holy Spirit"

P Smyton Dancing in the Gym.mp3
Pat Smyton remembers dancing in the gym

P Smyton Bike Hike.mp3
Pat Smyton remembers biking around Buffalo with girlfriends from SHA.

Kayla Burt recalls the Senior Stampede of 2013

Maureen Forrester Finney remembers her prom in the 1980s

Jenna Wegrzyn remembers proms at the end of the 2000s

2006-euro 4.jpg
Jenna Wegrzyn recalls traversing Europe on a school trip

J Wegrzyn almost trouble on elevator.mp3
Jenna Wegrzyn remembers once almost getting in trouble...

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek remembers a prank involving a prank and the library shades

Barb Waclawek.jpg
Barb Waclawek remembers being a bit of a trouble maker

Barb Staebell Rooney.png
Barb Rooney recalls the times Sister Mara took students on a cross country trip - in a school bus!

Betty Horrigan remembers dances and proms in the 1960s

When B Day became Beyonce Day - Agnes Santiano

Ann Meisner.png
Remember The Shoe? Ann Meissner Sawyer on the school car.

1980-Maria school pic.jpg
Ann Meissner Sawyer remembers Sr. Maria chasing streaking boys around the school

Ann Meissner Sawyer recalls senior pranks in the 1980s

Timms St Joes dances.mp3
Courtney Timms remembers dances at St. Joe's.

Lisa Cheney.png
Janice and Lisa Cheney remember participating in work study programs and driving the school car.

80s and 10s - Cheneys dress down days.mp3
The Cheneys discuss dress down days.

40s-KAllen Red Roses at Funeral.mp3
Sr. Karen Allen discusses alumnae traditions her class still participates in.

90s-Sr Connie Drove Students Home.mp3
Sr. Connie remembers driving some students home from school.

Maria Pares formerly Georgeann.jpg
Sr. Maria remembers Sr. Ita and some pranks students would pull.

Sr. Nancy Fortkort admires the uniqueness of each Sister.

Sr. Nancy Fortkort remembers her first impression of SHA.

80s-Janice arms of the sacred heart statue.mp3
Janice Cheney talks about pranks pulled involving the Jesus statue.

80s-Cheneys more pranks.mp3
Lisa Cheney talks about senior pranks.

Sr. Maura Fortkort recalls dancing with her friends during her lunch period.

50s-Mary Ann Cheney prom netting.mp3
Mary Ann Wurstner Cheney discusses prom dress code in the 1950's.

1950- the charleston at lunch.jpg
Mary Ann Cheney remembers doing the jitterbug during lunch.

50s-K McCarthy Walk to Bailey Bus .mp3
Kathleen McCarthy recounts the bus ride to school from the city.

50s-K McCarthy walk from bailey.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy talks about the walk each day from Bailey Avenue to Sacred Heart.

40s-C Tronolone Radiator Leak.mp3
Sr. Catherine Tronolone recalls the time the radiator leaked at SHA.

40s-B Waclawek Cutting Across Golf Course.mp3
Betty Kempkes Waclawek remembers cutting across the golf course to get to school.

40s-A Schubert Walk Home.mp3
Sr. Agnes Schubert remembers walking to the bus from school.

40s-A Schubert Playing Outside.mp3
Sr. Agnes Schubert remembers playing on the lawn at the old school building located at Washington Street.

50s-K McCarthy Night in the School Convent.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy recounts the time she spent a night in the school convent.

50s-K McCarthy wanted to go to SHA.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy remembers what encouraged her to go to SHA.

50s-K McCarthy SHA SHAY.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy notes that the school was referred to as "S.H.A."

50s-K McCarthy SHA influence on her life.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy reflects on the influence SHA has had on her life.

50s-K McCarthy Girls Learned Leadership .mp3
Kathleen McCarthy notes that SHA teaches girls leadership skills.

50s-K McCarthy 1956 transitions.mp3
Kathleen McCarthy discusses how the year of 1956 was a "transition year" in many ways.

40s-MKStahl Victorian Etiquette.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl remembers the "Victorian etiquette".

40s-MK Stahl Tuition.mp3
Sr. Mary Kay Stahl recalls the price of tuition in the 1940's.
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