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1980-maria coaching.jpg
Sr. Maria Pares recalls being honored for advancing women's sports

Sr Maria Pares remembers the first Diocesan track meet that SHA participated in

Barb Waclawek recalls her days playing varsity badminton

Barb Rooney recalls being cut from the basketball team by Sr Maria -- and how that was the right choice!

1964-CSMC basketball game.jpg
Betty Horrigan marvels at women's sports in the 1960s and today

golf 2003.jpg
Sr. Maria recalls starting the golf program at SHA

1980-maria coaching.jpg
Sr. Maria took athletes to Notre Dame to watch college games

B Waclawek tournaments.mp3
Barb Waclawek talks about sports competitions with other schools in the 1970s.

J Wegrzyn fencing touche.mp3
Jenna Wegrzyn talks about fencing for SHA and the fun word-play the student athletes had with a particular catchphrase of the sport.

Kayla Burt played basketball at Sister Maria Pares' summer basketball camp for years and then experienced coming back to play for her as a SHA student.

Kayla Burt talks about trying dance classes at SHA.

Maria Michalek .jpg
Maria Michalek Clare talks about the supreme cuteness of "baby shark" mascots at SHA sporting events.

Maureen Finney talks about the tradition of Athletes' Alley.

1984 sports .jpg
Sr. Maria recalls some tournament games played downstate where alumae came to support their alma mater.

80s-Janis Cheney Sports w Sr Maria.mp3
Janice Cheney remembers a time when the SHA basketball team went undefeated for years.

80s-janis cheney sharks mascot.mp3
Janice Cheney discusses how SHA never had a mascot.

80s-Janice Cheney Play Gym.mp3
Janice Cheney remembers P.E. class in the 1980s.

80s-Janice Cheney gym uniforms.mp3
Janice Cheney discusses the uniforms for P.E. class.

80s-Cheneys Big and Small Gym.mp3
The Cheneys remember sports games in the old gym.

Basketball 1948.jpg
Betty Kempkes Waclawek remembers playing basketball in the 1940s.

Sr. Agnes Schubert remembers what it was like to play basketball in the 1940s.
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