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Timms Sr Lois and Art .mp3
Courtney Timms remembers taking art with Sr. Lois.

Sr Maria pranks in art.mp3
Sr. Maria Pares remembers her art class.

Katie B Sr Lois art importance in life.mp3
Kathryn Beliotti discusses the importance of art and how those skills translate to everyday life.

Beliottis art.mp3
The Beliotti sisters remember art class and sketching the Auditorium lights.

Beliotti sisters mural in history room .mp3
The Beliotti sisters remember painting the mural in the second floor History room.

B Rooney Art .wav
Barbara Staebell Rooney remembers art class.

60s-B Horgan Art.mp3
Betty Barczak Horrigan remembers taking an art class at SHA.
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