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Barbara Ochterski, the first lay principal and first Head of School, explains why uniforms are so good for students.

I Miss My Uniform!
Sarah Belliotti misses her uniform.

Hot Wool Dresses
Betty Waclawek recalls wearing uniforms as late as May or June.

Hems and the Gibson Girl Craze
Maura Forkort recalls some questionable fashion choices.

Cuffs, Collars, and Lipstick
Pat Healy recalls the stringent requirements of the uniform code in the 1940s.

Uniforms in the 1980s and 2010s
Janice Cheney, Lisa Cheney Abruzzino, and Allie Abruzzino compare uniform experiences in the '40s, '80s, and '10s

Kathleen McCarthy talks about the transition in the 50s from wool dresses to jumpers.

Chesterfield Coats
Betty Horrigan recalls the coats in fashion in the '60s.

Chesterfield Coats
Barb Ochterski remembers the Chesterfield coats in fashion in the 1960s.

Blazing Blazers in the Aud
Ann Sawyer recalls sweating the polyester blazers of the 80s.

Dirty Skirts in Lockers
Janice Cheney stored her skirt in her locker. Permanently.

Not Having to Worry About Appearances
Sarah Belliotti explains how, in an all-girls uniformed setting, you didn't have to worry about keeping up appearances

Gym Uniforms
Barb Rooney recalls the gym uniforms in the 1970s
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