Museum Sources

Oral history interviews

17 May 2016 Stella Niagara, NY: Sr. Agnes Schubert, Sr. Catherine Tronolone, Sr. Helen Marie Schumacher, Sr. Karen Allen, Sr. Lois Badding, Sr. Mary Kay Stahl, Sr. Maura Forkort, Sr. Nancy Forkort, Sr. Patricia Healy

19 July 2016 Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart (SHA) Eggertsville, NY: Sr. Mara Walton, Sr. Connie Marlowe, Kathleen McCarthy

2 August 2016 SHA: Andrea Waclawek, Betty Waclawek, Mary Ann Wurstner Cheney, Janice Cheney, Lisa Cheney Abruzzino, Allison Abruzzino

9 August 2016 SHA: Barbara Waclawek, Barbara Rooney, Betty Horrigan, Maureen Finney, Maeve Finney, Sr. Maria Pares

10 August 2016 SHA: Ann Wegrzyn, Jenna Wegrzyn, Courtney Timms Maloney, Kate Graf, Sarah Belliotti, Kayla Burt, Vermonica James, Maria Clare, Patricia Smyton

12 August 2016 SHA: Ann Sawyer

18 August 2016 SHA: Agnes Santiano, Barbara Ochterski

22 August 2016 SHA: Sr. Edith Wyss


Cordette, Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart yearbooks, editions from 1948-2016 Archives of the Sisters of St. Francis of Holy Name Province, Inc., Stella Niagara, NY

Special thanks to Peter Liberti for furnishing digitized yearbooks and archival materials; Sr. Mara Walton for preserving SHA history in the school archive; and Mary Rola, Jillian Farrell, and Hannah Rola for assisting the curators in completing the digital exhibit.